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Lt. Joe Clemons (Gregory Peck) has been given the order: take Pork Chop Hill. If it's taken by the Chinese, US negotiators at the Panmunjom peace conference would lose face with their Communist adversaries an unthinkable outcome.

And so, Clemons leads his troops into combat, to fight for an objective that they know to be strategically pointless. But they also know that an order is an order. They must take Pork Chop Hill or die trying. Based on a true story and featuring an all-star supporting cast, Pork Chop Hill is an exceptional war film from the director of All Quiet On The Western Front.


A HILL IN KOREA was the first major feature film to portray British troops in action during the Korean war. Based on real events, it follows the fortunes of a small Fighting Patrol composed mostly of National Servicemen in what starts out as a routine sweep through a quiet village.

As the British troops move out, they find themselves cut off from their own lines by a huge force of Chinese soldiers. The patrol attempts to break out, but the enemy seem to be everywhere. Faced with the prospect of either capture or certain death, the survivors make their last stand in a deserted temple where they will fight to the last bullet....

Hard-hitting, realistic and action- packed, this classic British war film features a host of star names including George Baker, Stanley baker, Harry Andrews and Michael Caine in his first film role.




  During the final bloody weeks of the Korean idealistic private Loomos(Redfortd) is sent to the frontline to replacement in a battle weary platoon  
   Starring: Humphrey Bogart, June Allyson, Keenan Wynn and Robert Keith.    Humphrey Bogart is convincing as a brilliant, hard-bitten Army surgeon with a weakness for women and strong liquor. ("Three wars in one lifetime," he says during a lull in the action, "maybe whiskey's as much a part of our life as war.") Fresh from the states arrives June Allyson, a naive young nurse ready to save the world. The story of their love and heroism, told against the grimly realistic background of pounding artillery and deadly ambushes, forms the core of the film.    
In Korea, on 6 September 1950, Lieutenant Benson's platoon finds itself isolated in enemy-held territory after a retreat. Soon they are joined by Sergeant Montana, whose overriding concern is caring for his catatonic colonel. Benson and Montana can't stand each other, but together they must get the survivors to Hill 465, where they hope the division is waiting. It's a long, harrowing march, fraught with all the dangers the elusive enemy can summon. Who will survive?

Relive all your special moments with the Mash 4077th and follow the story which is loosely based on the real-life MASH unit 8055

Set in Korea in 1950 in a Mobile Army Surgical Unit (mash for short), 3 miles from the front line.

you will follow the day to day routines of Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce, Captain "Trapper" John Mcintyre, Corporal "Radar" O'Reily, Colonel Henry Blake, Major Margaret Houlihan & Major Frank Burns.

Through these characters, viewers travel beyond the long hours and horrors of the