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Letter of gratitude

Letter of the president of the republic of South - Korea 


( Nobel price of peace 2000 ) 

send to all Belgian veterans


25th. June 2000

To cdt retr.Dillen Jan
On the occasion of the 50th. anniversary of the start of the Korean war, I want to express my profound gratitude for your noble contribution to the defense of the republic of Korea and for the efforts that you have accomplished to preserve democracy and freedom throughout the world. At the same time, I want to render a respectful and affectional homage to those who sacrificed their life for these invaluable valor's.

We Koreans remember the forceful conviction, the courage and the sacrifices shown by so that we could remain a free and democratic.

To day, the ideals of democracy for which you made the sacrifice so generously fifty years ago, have become universal values with the beginning of a new millennium.

Half a century after the Korean War, we want to honor you and confirm anew the friendship and alliance between both our countries, an alliance consolidated by the blood that was shed. Today we are more than ever decided to work with determination, together with the friendly nations, for the good of Humanity and Peace throughout the world.

I thank you once more for your noble and generous spirit of sacrifices and wish you from the bottom of my heart health and happiness for you and your family.

                                                     Kim Dae-jung

                                        President of the Republic of Korea