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           Welcome to the website of the Belgians who fought in the Korean War, for us it was "the forgotten war", to you, visitor, it is hopefully a memory for keeps.

The Battalion was engaged in all offensive as well as defensive operations in a very difficult and very broken terrain, in a very unfavorable climate, under a broiling sun, and dusty summer, very severe winters, twenty four hours rainfall, and the ever present mud from the monsoon.
The enemy was fanatical and vastly superior in numbers, better adapted to the climate and was also active during the night which exacted extraordinary physical and bodily resistance from the Belgians.Herinnering aan een vergeten oorlog.

3171 Belgians and 78 Luxembourgers left for Korea.

The Belgian-Luxembourg battalion, including several South-Korean soldiers, suffered the following losses: 101 Belgians, 2 Luxembourgers and 9 Korean soldiers killed in action.5 Belgians listed as missing and 478 wounded in action.
This is the story of the Belgian volunteers who, together with allied troops under U.N. colors had the courage to go and fight in a faraway country in order to preserve a fragile peace.
That peace has not arrived, for everything considered that war is still going on and a fragile ceasefire has taken over from a fragile peace. Maybe you, as a visitor, have had a father or grandfather, who volunteered for the Korean War or who was drafted for that purpose. Stay with us for a moment, and reminisce about the futility of armed conflicts, and in this particular case for us veterans ‘a forgotten war’.
Read here the story of the ‘brown berets".


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